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Freshman convocation 2010

Discover Yourself at CUA

Temple of ApolloOn the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, some wise Greek inscribed two words,
γνωθι σεαυτον – know yourself.


That sums up the goal of the liberal education that students at The Catholic University of America undertake. Together CUA students search for, discover, and communicate the truth about themselves, the world, and God through reason, faith, and service to others.

A Liberal Education

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In your first year at CUA, you will join a small  learning community taking foundational courses in philosophy, theology, and writing. You will learn to think more rigorously, write more persuasively, and read more perceptively.

In the Catholic Intellectual Tradition

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Many important truths can be known only by faith. In seeking the whole truth, we take seriously the knowledge we gain by believing. Catholic University is committed to preserving and advancing the rich traditions of the Catholic faith.

Loving God and One Another

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We are called to love God and be God-like in our love for each other. At CUA, you will be invited to put your eduction into action serving others through service projects, social justice leadership, pro-life activities, and mission trips.

Living and Learning in the Nation's Capital

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Learning doesn't stop when you walk out of the classroom. CUA students live their education. They take advantage of all that our intellectually and culturally vibrant city offers. Through jobs and internships, they gain practical experience.

The CUA Experience

Three Students Tell How Reason, Faith, and Service Shaped Their Lives

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