The Catholic University of America

Engineering and Technology

Majors related Engineering and Technology



A study of the design, planning, and problem-solving that goes into the construction of buildings and other structures. 

Architecture and Civil Engineering

An interdisciplinary study of how buildings, roads, and other civil structures are designed, constructed, and maintained.

Biomedical Engineering

The study of engineering principles applied to medical and biological practice to advance health care treatment.

Computer Science

The study of hardware, software, algorithms, programming languages, and other elements of computer systems.

Construction Engineering and Management

A program that combines a major in civil engineering with concentrated coursework in construction management and at least two full summer internships.

Electrical Engineering

The application of engineering principles to electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics for the purpose of developing electronic systems.

Environmental Engineering

A program of study that combines courses in engineering with specialized classes in environmental science and public policy.


The study of quantity and its relationships.

Mechanical Engineering

The application of engineering, physics, and material science to the design, manufacture, and maintainance of mechanical systems.


The study of the fundamental principles at work in the physical universe.  

Structural/Geotechnical Engineering

The branch of civil engineering that concerns the planning, design, and construction of buildings, highways, and other civil infrastructure.

Exploratory Studies

If you are undecided about a major, this program offers the opportunities and support that will help you make your major decision when the time is right for you.