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How to Declare a Minor

Why should I declare a minor or certificate?

A minor or a certificate is a great way to show significant interest in some area of academic study, many times in a discipline quite different from your major. A minor allows you to be thoughtful about requirements and electives, and to have that collective work become part of your official transcript.

How do I declare a minor?

Declaring a minor is a simple process, starting in the dean’s office of your school. Your dean’s office will notify your minor department or school of your intent and make sure you are added to any official roster of minors. The minor department may assign a "minor advisor" in Cardinal Station, and, if that department wishes, it can require the signature of a minor advisor when you declare your minor. Ask your dean’s office for help if you have questions.

Where should I go for minor advising?

Always start with your dean’s office, because that is where your minor will be tracked and certified. If there are questions or uncertainties, your dean’s office will consult with your minor department or school.