The Catholic University of America

Transfer of Credit for Off-Campus Courses

Current students at CUA may take classes off-campus during the summer months to further their progress towards a CUA degree. Off-campus courses must be evaluated in advance, before you enroll in the course. CUA cannot guarantee transfer credit for a course that was not evaluated and approved ahead of time. If your are under a deadline to enroll, you may do so at your own risk.

The priority deadline to submit summer course evaluation paperwork is May 1. Any requests made after this date may be delayed, and will not be expedited.

The evaluation process also applies to students on academic leave. However, these students may submit their paperwork when appropriate.

If you are interested in taking off-campus courses over the summer or while on leave?  Read a step-by-step overview of the evaluation process on theTransfer of Credit Process page. 



Winter Session Courses

It is rare for a CUA student to enroll in an off-campus winter session course because the Academic Transfer of Credit policy does not permit off-campus courses to overlap with any part of a CUA semester. In other words, a CUA student may not transfer any courses taken at other institutions while he or she is also enrolled in classes at CUA, whether the CUA class has actually started or not.

In general, courses that are offered at other institutions during CUA's winter break overlap with either the end of the fall semester or the beginning of the spring semester, which makes them ineligible for transfer credit. Overlap with any part of a CUA semester means that the course is not eligible transfer credit.

The policy also stipulates that courses must have at least one hour of classroom or direct faculty instruction and a minimum of at least two hours of out of class work per week for the appropriate number of weeks. So, a minimum of 40 hours to be eligible for transfer. 

If you have found a winter session course that a) does not overlap at all with the CUA semester and b) meets the 40 hour criteria, please follow the instructions in the above section to submit the course for evaluation, and read the Transfer of Credit Process page to learn what happens next. 


Restrictions and Limitations for Off-Campus Courses

There are a number of limitations on the types and quantities of courses that may be transferred. It is the student's responsibility to follow all of the required procedures in order to transfer courses to his or her CUA record. The Restrictions and Limitations page highlights some individual items that are important to keep in mind as you explore off-campus courses.

A complete overview of policies and procedures is available in the Academic Transfer of Credit policy.